Trans Canada Trail

Elliot Lake is a proud supporter of the Trans Canada Trail and home to one of the Country's Trans Canada Trail pavilions.  Under the direction of the Voyageur Hiking Club, the City ensured that the trail link through this area of Canada is complete.  The Trail pavilion is located at Westview Park on the shore of Elliot Lake.

In support of the Trans Canada Trail and the Trail Pavilion in Elliot Lake, people are encouraged to "Build a Metre" of trail.  For more information on the Trans Canada Trail and sponsorship options, see below.

What is the Trans Canada Trail?

Canadians from all regions and all walks of life are helping to build the Trans Canada Trail.  When it's finished, the Trail will cross every province and territory, link all 13 provincial and territorial capital cities (as well as almost 1,000 other Canadian communities), and connect our three oceans.  It will thread its way through the nation's culture, history and geography.  It will allow participants in six preferred activities'?? walking, cycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, canoeing and snowmobiling '?? to enjoy Canada's great big outdoors from coast to coast to coast.

Today, almost 70 percent of the Trail is built.  We need your help more than ever before to complete it.  Work is continuing, right across the country.  Trail is being built, rail corridors are being converted, bridges are being constructed.  As we strive to meet our goals, every donation brings this country one metre closer to attaining its continent-spanning Trail.

How can I support the Trans Canada Trail?

"Build a metre."  Every donation of $50 helps build one metre of Trail.  Over 100,000 Canadians have contributed towards one or more metres.  Some have underwritten a metre in every province and territory.

This is your chance to make history and put your name on the Trans Canada Trail!  Every donation of $50 or more will be officially acknowledged in a Trans Canada Trail Pavilion: your name'??or the name of any person or organization you choose'??will be inscribed in the Trail Pavilion of your choice.  You will also receive an official Trail Certificate in the designated name, and a tax receipt.

Put a message or a special tribute on the Trail! With every donation of $400, donors are entitled to inscribe a message or tribute in the Trail Pavilion of their choice.  This is particularly well suited to people who would like to inscribe a few words about someone special, or those who'd like a list of names to appear together.  Companies, schools, groups and organizations of all types also enjoy this Trail building option.

To learn more about making a donation, about the advantages of Membership or for to make a donation, contact Trans Canada Trail at: