Most programs are designated under two categories:

Registered Programs - those that require pre-registration and often require payment for a season or a specified period.
Drop-In Programs - programs open to participants at all times. No registration required. Often have age restrictions and associated fees.
Registered Programs

Elliot Lake offers an amazing variety of recreational activities for people of all ages - from badminton to hockey, swimming to soccer, dancing to skating. Whether you're interested in sports, arts, fitness, health and wellness, or personal development, we've got something for you.

Check them out by following the appropriate links to the left.

Drop In Programs

Got an hour to burn? A number of City-run programs allow you to drop in for an activity when you have time to spare. No registration is required for these programs. For membership and drop-in activity fee information, explore the links at left.

Here's a sampling of drop-in costs:

Aquafit - $5.25 a visit or $3.75 for seniors,
Public Swimming & Skating - $3.00 for youth, $3.75 for students, $4.25 for adults, $3.00 for seniors or $9.75 for families
Fitness Room - $4.50 for youth, $5.25 for students, $6.25 for adults or $4.40 for seniors
Public Skating - $3.00 for youth, $3.75 for students, $4.25 for adults or $3.00 for seniors
Shinny Hockey - $7.00 for adults
Ticket packages and monthly/annual rates are also available
Affordable Access

Recreational opportunities must be accessible and affordable to all who wish to make use of what the City has to offer to lead full lives. The City's Affordable Access Policy helps ensure that cost is no barrier to participation. To view the policy and a list of activity dates, visit the Affordable Access Policy page.

2018 First Quarterly Report

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