Building Permit Process

Applying For A Building Permit

Applications must be filed in person at the Building Services Office.  Along with an application, you will be required to submit sketches, building drawings, plans and other documents to the City for processing.  You may have to pay an application fee and additional charges for such services as water connection and surveys.

For interior work, a floor plan and a cross-section drawing will usually be required. For work affecting the exterior, you'll be asked to supply a floor plan, a cross-section, a site plan and elevations.  These should be made to scale, showing all dimensions.  For buildings over three stories, or more than 600 sq.m., an architect or engineer will be required to design your building and prepare drawings and plans.

Submitting Your Application

Building permit applications may be filed in person at the Building Services Office, City Hall, Second Floor, 45 Hillside Drive North, Elliot Lake. Your completed application form should be brought to the Building Services Office accompanied by the following:

  • Two sets of building plans (floor plans, elevations and/or cross sections). Plans must be prepared by a qualified designer when required by the O.B.C.
  • Two copies of your property survey OR site plan
  • If drawings are too bulky for folding, rolled drawings are acceptable
  • Applicable permit fee

Incomplete applications or plans will not be accepted. At the Building Services Office, someone will try to review your application to ensure that everything is in order.

How Are Permit Applications Processed?

Municipal staff review your application in terms of its completeness and compliance with the Ontario Building Code, the local zoning bylaw and all other applicable laws. It may then be sent to other municipal officials for their consideration.

Applications that involve simple alterations or additions can usually be dealt with fairly quickly, while more complex proposals naturally take longer to process. If a zoning change or minor variance is necessary, or if building plans must be altered to comply with the Ontario Building Code, the changes must be approved and in place before a building permit can be issued.

Where there are problems with your proposal, our building officials will usually discuss them with you in detail before considering refusal of a permit.

The Building Permit Process:

  • Before Applying:   Before submitting an application, consult with the Building Services Office.
  • The Application:   Submit application with supporting documentation to the Building Services Office, along with the required fee.
  • Consideration:   Application is reviewed for completeness and against local zoning bylaws, Building Code and other legislation.
  • Consultation (Optional):   Comments on proposals obtained from other municipal officials. Other approvals may be required.
  • Decision:   Application may be approved or refused.  Inspections specified.
  • Appeal (Optional):  Building Code Commission or Judge of Ontario Court (General Division)
  • Inspections During Construction:   Inspections are required during several stages of construction to occupancy and completion. It is the owner(s) responsibility to ensure calls for inspections have been made in order to close out the permit.
  • Construction Completed:   Notice of permit completion will only be issued upon request.

The Approval Process

Your application will be reviewed for compliance with the following:

  • Other authorities having jurisdiction: e.g. Municipal Zoning By-law; Ontario Building Code and other applicable law.
  • Zoning
  • Building

When the review of your application is complete, you will be notified by phone if there are any outstanding requirements or problems. If you need to inquire about the status of your application, contact the City Building Services Office.  When all requirements have been met, you will be notified to attend at the office to pick up your permit.

Once you receive your permit, ensure that the permit and approved drawings are available on the construction site.



City of Elliot Lake Building Services Office
(705) 848-2287 ext 2119
Email the Building Services Office