Cultural Mapping Project


The City of Elliot Lake has created a cultural inventory and cultural maps.  The inventory and map include a range of cultural assets including local artists, musicians, heritage events, historic sites, walking trails, nature conservatories, local bands, theatre groups, performers, nature walks, monuments, commemorations and other resources that contribute to Elliot Lake's cultural identity.

Cultural Assets have been divided into six different categories; Arts, Food & Beverage, Human Heritage, Industrial Heritage, Natural History and Outdoor Recreation. 

To view any of the asset maps, please click the associated link below!

Elliot Lake Asset Map - Arts 

Elliot Lake Asset Map - Food and Beverage

Elliot Lake Asset Map - Human Heritage

Elliot Lake Asset Map - Industrial Heritage

Elliot Lake Asset Map - Natural History

Elliot Lake Asset Map - Outdoor Recreation


Looking for something to do in Elliot Lake? Interactive Story Maps have also been created in four areas; Industrial Heritage & Commemorations, Public Art Walking Tour, Entertainment Opportunities, and Dining & Food Opportunities.  The Story Maps show photos, a brief description of the asset and its location!  Check them out out here!

Industrial Heritage & Commemorations Story Map

Public Art Walking Tour Story Map

Entertainment Opportunities Story Map

Dining and Food Opportunities Story Map


For more information about the project contact:

Ashten Vlahovich

Economic Development Coordinator
Tel: 705.848.2287 extension: 2134
E-mail Ashten Vlahovich (click here)