Community Hub

In July 2016, the City of Elliot Lake hired Colliers Project Leaders to examine the feasibility of various options surrounding existing and proposed recreational facilities in Elliot Lake,  The study objectives are to determine the best fit for a new multipurpose recreational complex including uses, faciltiies, locations and costs.

Pending on funding limitations, the study recommends either the Multipurpose Complex Option (estimated at $25M and 62,800 square feet (5,835m2)) or the Community Hub Option (estimated at $30M and 77,305 square feet (7,182m2)). The Multipurpose Complex Option comprises an arena with an integrated walking track, aquatic functions, multipurpose rooms and support spaces. The arena has the flexibility of being built as a free standing facility. The Community Hub Option offers the Multipurpose Complex Option amenities with the addition of a fitness centre and a gymnasium.  The option of a Status Quo, which would involve substantial upgrades to existing and aging facilities, is not recommended. However, the cost benefits of building a new facility should be substantiated through the technical validation and costing to rehabilitate, upgrade and/or expand the existing Centennial Arena and the Ruben Yli Juuti Pool.

Summery story boards have been created outlining the reccommended options.  These boards can be viewed by clicking the link below or by viewing them at the following locations.

  • City Hall
  • Ruben Yli-Juuti Centre - Municipal Pool
  • Elliot Lake Public Library
  • Lester B. Pearson Civic Centre 

Community Hub Option A & B Storyboards (Click Here)

City staff and Council are requesting comments from members of the community.  You can submit comments by email (click here) or by clicking the survey link below.

Community Hub Survey