Clerk & Building Services

The Clerk & Building Services operates two main offices within City Hall:

City Clerk

The City Clerk's Department is the corporate office for the City of Elliot Lake and the holder of the corporate seal.  All official corporate business is processed through this Department.

The City Clerk's Department is the keeper of Council's Corporate business records and documents. Consequently, the Department is heavily used as an official source of information. It deals with hundreds of inquiries and disseminates information of all types.  Inquiries come from sources such as: the general public, lawyers, businesses, entrepreneurs, consultants, media, provincial government agencies, municipal employees and elected officials.

The City Clerk's Department is responsible for the following core functions:

  • Processing of all Corporate business to be dealt with by the Council
  • Providing advice to Council and staff to ensure that all Corporate business is properly dealt with in accordance with the Statutes of Ontario and other applicable law
  • Developing and administering Municipal policy
  • Administering and delivering planning services pursuant to the Planning Act
  • Processing and administering requests under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • Responding to a large number of requests for information, both internally and externally
  • Carrying out a variety of statutory duties such as those under the Vital Statistics Act, the Municipal Elections Act, etc.
  • Managing the Woodlands Cemetery
  • Issuing Marriage Licenses

Contact the City Clerk's Department

Lesley Sprague, City Clerk

Tel: (705) 848-2287 ext 2103
Fax: (705) 461-7244

45 Hillside Drive North
Elliot Lake, ON,
P5A 1X5

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Buildings and By-laws

The appointment of a Chief Building Official, under Section 3.2 of the Building Code Act, ensures any new construction in the City of Elliot Lake complies with the Ontario Building Code and all other applicable laws.

The Chief Building Official's responsibilities also include the following functions:

  • The By-law Enforcement Officer ensures the passive enforcement of regulatory by-laws
  • The Property Standards Enforcement Officer ensures the enforcement of by-law no. 03-29, which is a by-law to prescribe standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property in the City of Elliot Lake
  • The Zoning by-law Administrator ensures that prior to the issuance of building permits, the new construction complies with all the regulations of the Zoning by-law No 87-40
  • The Business Licensing Officer issues business licenses for hawkers/peddlers, with all licenses being approved by Mayor and Council. They also issue licenses for raffles, bingo's, and Nevada Tickets, and maintains data obtained from license reports
  • The Building Inspector is responsible for performing building and plumbing inspections as well as by-law, property standards, and zoning inspections
  • The Animal Control Supervisor is responsible for maintaining and enforcing the by-laws pertaining to animal control