Strategic Plan
City of Elliot Lake 2015

The Strategic Plan will provide direction to staff and residents on the vision that Council has for the future of the community for the 2014-2018 term of Council.  The main objective is to develop a strategic direction over the next four years to guide Council's decision making and assist staff with building realistic, affordable and achievable action plans that reflect and advance Council's strategic direction.

Printable Version of the 2015 Strategic Plan (PDF) - Click Here

Vision Statement

The City of Elliot Lake is distinguished through its provision of modern urban services for all ages, while being located in the heart of a pristine natural environment.  It is a community where the quality of life is continually enhanced through the interactions of a diverse population supported by engaged private and not-for-profit sectors.   It is a place where affordability, health, and resiliency are more than just words, they are a way of life. 

Elliot Lake does not fear the future, but rather embraces the opportunities that the future presents.

Goals & Actions (Goals are listed in bold with corresponding actions listed in point form below)

Economic Development and Diversification, Stabilization, and Investment Readiness

  • Establish a comprehensive marketing plan for the municipality to market the diverse strengths in promoting Elliot Lake.
  • Establish Investment Readiness Tools.
  • Identify and adopt an Industrial Community Improvement Plan.
  • Take strategic advantage of the airport. Consider passenger and freight service.
  • Develop a strategy to advance the Cottage Lot Program and have a memorandum of understanding (MOU) by the end of 2016.
  • Explore eco-tourism and geo-tourism possibilities and challenges as part of a tourism package.
  • Capitalize on opportunities for diversification and community growth.
  • Continue to foster retirement opportunities.

Continued Investment into Infrastructure

  • Create an Infrastructure Revitalization Plan.
  • Educate public on infrastructure repair and replacement.
  • Optimize the Waste Management System.
  • Identify and adopt a plan to increase the use of the airport.
  • Investigate the feasibility of obtaining/developing a GIS System.
  • Investigate the feasibility to become a wireless community.
  • Replace our aged recreation facilities - planning starting in 2015.

Development of Strong Partnerships

  • Initiate the outreach to neighbouring communities to achieve common goals.
  • Ensure good relationships and partnerships among council and staff.
  • Support the local business community.
  • Identify projects that require partnerships and  the communities that will be impacted.
  • Foster good relationships with neighbouring communities.

Environmental Stewardship

  • Develop a Resource Management Plan.
  • Support additional development and maintenance of trails.

Strong Municipal Corporate Administration and Governance

  • Succession Planning.
  • Develop a corporate culture where staff are motivated, productive, and the city is seen as an "employer of choice".
  • Customer Service Excellence.
  • Develop strategic internal and external communications.
  • Review and update by-laws, policies, and procedures.
  • Review and update of the Official Plan.
  • Investigate feasibility of e-city services.
  • Encourage ongoing professional development.
  • Conduct service level and delivery review.
  • Update IT strategy to include initiatives such as update of IT infrastructure and website, adopting a communications group and improving internal and external communications.
  • Adopt a Council Code of Conduct.

Strong Financial Foundation for the Municipality

  • Develop a tax policy related to the special area rate for urban properties.
  • Ensure an appropriate level of reserves.

Support the Arts and Culture Community

  • Strategic, vibrant, relevant museum for the future.
  • To cultivate in the citizens of Elliot Lake an appreciation of arts and culture through accessible programming, arts and cultural facilities and entertainment that is available to all citizens.
  • To further develop successful relationships with the diverse and vibrant arts and culture organizations within the community.
  • To maintain and improve arts and cultural facilities.

Health and Community Wellness

  • Give priority to Health Care Provider Recruitment and Retention Process.
  • Support the hospital's redevelopment plan.
  • Develop an Aging in Place Strategy.
  • Provide activities and promote healthy lifestyles through recreation for all age groups.
  • Develop an Accessibility Action Plan.
  • Develop Beautification Plan and recommend implementation.
  • Support youth organizations.

Thank you to everyone who contributed comments towards the Strategic Plan and to those who were able to attend the Open House sessions. Your input is greatly appreciated!